The first thing to make clear is that we aren’t telling you that it’s not worth it to go the extra mile for your guests, by all means, do so. What we are saying is that there are some amenities we spend time and money getting that really don’t make the difference that you think they do. What we are saying, however, is to not stress about not having these amenities. They aren’t making as much a difference as you think they are. 

If you have these amenities already, awesome! We are strictly talking about the return of investment here. These 5 items listed below can be a huge hassle if you don’t already have them, and they really don’t matter that much to your guests.

Pool & Hot Tub

Now having a pool is amazing, and it certainly will attract more people for it, in a place that you can use it all year round, but in any other case, it’s really not worth the crazy amount of money that you will have to shell out to get it installed. In a place that gets quite cold, it won’t be used enough to make up for the maintenance costs. And having a hot tub isn’t enough to make up for the colder season. 

The quality of the pool & hot tub will also matter. If you’re planning on taking the cheap way out then it’s really not worth it, because your guests will be able to find a nicer pool or beach close by (if they truly need one).

Another thing that most people forget about is the extra costs for safety equipment. Even if you don’t advertise your place as family-friendly, you will still have to look into things like fences and safety covers. 

Verdict: If you have it already, lucky you! If you think it’s worth the investment, we can tell you, it really isn’t.

Cable TV

This one, you may even already have realized yourself. If you’re not just getting started then you may have already, naturally, skipped this one altogether. Even in our own homes, more and more, we are not shelling out the extra money for cable TV. Most people just skip right to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

These days there are more options online anyway (and we all know WiFi is one of those amenities we CAN’T skip on). Even if you have a cable subscription already, we’d recommend you get rid of it entirely!

Verdict: Cancel your cable and stick to Netflix.

Stocking Up the Fridge

Sure, it’s a really nice idea to be able to provide your guests with snacks and a few things they wouldn’t have thought of to bring themselves. They will love that you saved them a trip to the grocery store, but here’s the thing, finding the perfect snacks, that match everyone’s dietary restrictions, preferences, etc., is nearly impossible. 

Some guests may have allergies you don’t know of, and that can cause some potential risk, all because you were trying to be nice.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed, but they will be mostly in vain. The other issue is you’re risking spending money on things that can go bad and add more work to your cleaning crew. 
Our suggestion, stick with basic beverages (water and soda), or things that can’t go bad (coffee, tea bags, sugar, pepper & salt, etc.).
A bottle of wine and some chocolate will also be a lovely surprise. It will add that little extra that the guest will appreciate, and it won’t cost you that much more!

Verdict: Stick with wine and chocolates. Don’t try to please everyone with snack choices!

Pool Table

The number one reason to not get a pool table is how much space they take up. It may seem like a great addition to the place, but realistically, most people will be spending more time outside of your home, than lounging around inside of it. 

A quality pool table, that will actually excite the few pool enthusiasts that you host, is very expensive, and they won’t even bother with a poorly made table.

The last thing to think of is, the fewer small (and heavy) things you have to worry about, the better. People will misplace, or even take (hopefully, accidentally) the balls or cues. Those balls can be quite heavy, which means they can cause some serious damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you were ever around one as a kid, you definitely know the ‘games’ people can get into. 

Verdict: For a piece that takes up a lot of space, costs a lot of money, and will just either be ignored or abused, it’s probably best to just skip it altogether.

Expensive items

This is just a general warning more than having a specific item in mind. It matches what we’ve said about the Hot Tub & Pool, and even the Pool Table. DON’T GO OVERBOARD!

We love that you’re excited and that you want to make the whole experience incredible for your guests. We want you to too! That’s not the issue. It’s about finding a balance. A white fabric couch may look elegant, but it will cause you more headaches trying to clean it every time a guest has spilled something on it (which they will). Best case scenario, they are too afraid to go near it, and then it stays clean, but it no longer serves its purpose.

We know you want to do ‘accent’ pieces, and sometimes even design a whole room around one gorgeous, and expensive piece of furniture, or fancy item, but make sure you measure up what will attract more people (like shelling out the extra cost for a comfy, large bed), and what will just become a hassle that no one will even notice (like expensive artwork). 

Verdict: Just because you love the look of something doesn’t mean that it’s functional. Try to find the balance. 


Try to find the line between quality and expense. Going overboard just because you think your guests will appreciate it may just bring you more headaches in the end. Having a clean place, and great communication with your guests will go much further than having expensive pieces for them to sit on (or try to avoid entirely). 

There are plenty of little tricks to WOW your guests that don’t involve installing a pool or filling up their fridge. If you’re unsure if your guests will even notice and the work to put into them outweighs the functionality, you should leave it off your list. Leave the time to figure out the demands of your guests and satisfy those. We bet they won’t include a gold frame in every room or an expensive china set for tea.

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