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Q: If this investing method is so great, how come I’ve never heard of it?

Because counties aren’t big businesses with marketing budgets to let people know about these opportunities. They’re in the business of collecting taxes and making sure police officers get paid on time.

Q: What are the downsides to this investing method?

1) You may have to hire a tax lawyer (this only costs me $300-$400 on average...a small price to pay for getting all the paperwork right).
2) You must do due diligence to get a high yield on your tax liens and tax deeds—don’t worry, we will teach you exactly what you need to do.

Q: What’s the difference between a tax lien and a tax deed?

In a tax lien, the county sells you the tax owed plus interest. As owner of the tax lien, you have a financial interest in the property, but you don’t own it unless the property owner fails to pay their taxes. In a tax deed, you buy the property outright from the beginning—often for pennies on the dollar.

Q: Will I get access to all the course material at once?

Students will get access to all the bonuses right away and each module will be released weekly. Our experience with our past students has shown us that giving access to the whole program at once causes students to:
1) Binge watch the course and not attain the information.
2) Skip the modules that don’t look “as interesting” and jump to the ones that look more “fun”. This is a big mistake because students risk not taking some of the content as seriously as they should. To avoid this, we release one module a week.

Q: Are there any live portions? What if I can’t make them?

Every now and then Marcos hosts a live webinar and students are invited. Of course we would like to have you with us live but we understand that life happens. Don’t worry, every student (those who attended the webinar and those who didn’t) will receive a link to the recording. This way you don’t risk losing any of the new trends on the market, tips, and new techniques Marcos is constantly developing and testing to make your life as investor better.

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Q: Is that a way to get rich quick?

Absolutely not - it's a real business. It takes effort, especially in the Preparation and Organization phases. But as soon as you launch your unit using the strategies we will teach, everything will flow automatically. You just need your smartphone to run the business going forward.

Q: Will it take a lot of work?

Once you have mastered the system, there is not much work to be done. we created this system specifically to save you time and give you a quick profit from my 90 day plan. You will find that once you launch your first unit, the process will be automatic.

Q: Do you have costs to start?

Yes. Like every business, it takes seed capital to get started. We recommend you have between USD4,500 and USD7,000 to launch your first Airbnb unit. Comparing to a common startup franchise, it is a very modest cost to start your own business. Some important points: Our system is focused on getting you money back in 60-90 days so you can start your next Airbnb unit from there and grow. We also share my proven strategies for building your first unit, even if you don't have SOME money to cover seed capital.

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Q: Can I trial before paying?

We don’t offer a trial period, but we do offer a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ plan. If you’re not happy with the course, at any time within the first 30 days of your investment, you will be able to email us and get a full refund for the entire course.

Q: What kind of support does Six Figure University provide?

We offer hands-on support from our knowledgable staff, along with 2 monthly Q&A Live coaching calls with our Head coach and other experts in the field for the entire duration of your 12 month course. You will also have instant access to an eager and enthusiastic community through our private Facebook Group.

Q: Can I cancel my account?

Yes, if you are not happy with the course at any time within the first 30 days of your purchase, simply email us at and ask for your refund. Our support team will be able to help you every step of the way. 

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