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Build Your Wealth and Financial Freedom with the Lowest Risk

What are Tax Deeds and Tax Liens?

Tax deed investing is a way to flip houses, but on steroids. And it’s entirely legal! In a Tax Deed State, if the property owner doesn’t pay their taxes, the county starts the foreclosure process and puts the property up for auction. The starting bid is only the amount owed in taxes, meaning that you can acquire properties for a fraction of than their market value.

Tax Liens are also emitted by counties when the owner doesn't pay their property taxes. When you buy a tax lien you'll either get the amount you invested plus a generous interest or you'll end up with the property. 

Everything You Need

What you will learn:

How to find the right property and the value of each property.
How to properly figure out your budget.
What repairs may need to be done, and what takes precedence in terms of setup and restoration.
How to communicate with the county office to make sure that you have all the updated information on each property.
All the necessary documentation and proper paperwork.
The best people to help you, ie contractors, designers, photographers, lawyers, etc.
How to be prepared to go to auction.
How to get the most from your return on profit.
So much more!

Who this program is perfect for:

  • You have interest in real estate or some experience, whether you flip houses, buy rentals, invest in REITs.

  • You have a job or business that’s taking over your life. You’re missing out on watching your kids grow, helping out your partner, learning a new language, traveling with friends, you name it, and you’re not doing it, because all you do is work.

  • You’re already retired, and you’re not liking it at all. You didn’t end up with the cash flow you needed, and frankly, you’re kind of bored and want to keep your mind sharp.

  • You want to invest your time into a low-risk investment strategy with high yield. When you picture your life in a few years, it’s on a beach, or constantly moving and traveling, or surrounded by friends and family, not commuting in traffic to a job you hate, that you can’t afford to leave.

If any of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

The benefits of this program:

  • It works no matter how much money you can invest. My students have succeeded with anywhere from $500 to $500,000 in initial funds. 

  • It is triple secured. This is a legal system that we teach you to take advantage of. It is already in place and the counties will even help you get information and through the process.

  • It is not affected by the stock market or the economy. This is something that has lasted for years and has survived all crashes, changes in power, technology, etc.

  • It is enforced by State law and transacted by the Government. The Government does 99% of the work for you.

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